A Splurge & a save - Fake Tan

The Splurge - Xen Tan Absolute Luxe

This stuff has been my go to self tanner for the past couple of years now. Streak free with olive undertones I can get this to stick around the best part of a week. I've hand on heart never found anything better.
As somebody with quite yellow toned skin this is the most natural tan I've found and actually develops to the colour I'd naturally go if I was laying on a beach somewhere hot (I wish!).

My only gripe with this is the price, but as I only tend to tan the upper pats of my body a bottle of this lasts me a good 6 months which makes splashing out on a bottle that little bit more bearable.

Xen Tan Absolute Luxe retails for £39.99 but you can buy here from Feel Unique for £28.99!

The Save - St Moriz Dark Tanning Lotion

As a uni student there are definitely times throughout the year when my Xen Tan runs low and I have no choice but to use something a little more purse friendly. A bottle of Xen Tan or food for a week? St Moriz to the rescue!

For the price this stuff is insane, it leaves me with a nice deep colour with a strong guide colour so you don't end up with any white bits! The formula is quite thin which I actually refer to Xen Tans thick consistency as it doesn't leave me feeling sticky after application. A few more gripes with this one, it doesn't last well on me and tends to go patchy after a couple of days and the colour also isn't as natural as Xen tan but for the price, I really can't complain!

St Moriz is available at Bodycare and other retailers for approx. £3.99.

Heads up: Both of my tanning picks are the dark versions so if you're on the fairer side of the skin spectrum I'd advise looking through each of the Xen Tan and St Moriz product ranges as I know they both do self tanners more suitable for fairer skin types.

Do you guys have any recommendations, anybody found anything that tops Xen Tan?


  1. I've heard that the St Moriz tan is really good! i'm a bit of a tanning noob (and a poor student) so I don't think I'd be able to splash out on the Xen Tan. Great post x


    1. It's such a good budget fake tan! If you're new to fake tan you should have a practice on your legs before venturing higher on your body, legs are easy to cover up especially now it's so chilly! X