Sunday Skincare - The Shower Oil

If I had the time to enjoy a bath every evening, I totally would. Unfortunately, most days a shower is a good as it gets so to bring a bit of luxury into the shower with me, I've been obsessing over this shower oil from L'Occitane. You apply to wet skin and the oil turns into a gorgeous, uber hydrating milky lather which smells absolutely phenomenal. It cleans without making the skin feel tight which I do find with some other (usually, cheaper) shower gels. It leaves your skin feeling really nourished and not at all greasy, meaning I can usually get away with not moisturising after I've used it - win! 

I have to admit, as it's not cheap I do use it sparingly... but you'll be surprised how long it lasts! I'd love to know of any good dupes so I didn't feel quite so guilty using it every day...


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